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STR Advisory Services & Solutions

With access to STR’s unparalleled global database, the hotel experts at STR Analytics develop custom data solutions to meet the specific needs of individual organizations and projects. The team’s unique resources enable them to offer statistically-focused products and services, resulting in a more complete understanding of key industry aspects such as the nature of competition, price elasticity, market segmentation, profitability, brand loyalty and risk.

Custom Data Solutions

  • Comp set selection and optimization
  • Customized data-infused dashboards in Excel or Tableau software
  • Customized income and expense research
  • Custom designed templates and data analysis
  • Market evaluations for development

Custom Projects

STR Analytics also develops new data deliverables. If an organization has a question that only data can answer, but no data solution currently exists, the team can develop custom deliverables to bring intelligence to some of business’s toughest questions.

Targeting Market Evaluation for Developments & Acquisitions
Using your criteria for evaluating markets and submarkets, STR Analytics can filter through volumes of market data to narrow the scope of your search and make your investment process more efficient. 

Convention Hotel Impact
The STR Analytics team can determine the impact of a proposed convention hotel on a market by evaluating similar markets that built an equivalent hotel.  By determining the impact of previous projects the team would then be able to estimate the range of impact a new convention hotel would have on various components of the market.

Disaster Impact
Using custom mapping software, the team is able to carve out designated land areas for deeper analysis into the impact on area hotel performance from natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and fires, as well as man-made tragedies like oil spills or civil unrest. 

Optimal Development Analysis
To determine which products perform best in a particular market, the team would use STR data to evaluate all potential hotel types and amenities in similar markets throughout the region.

Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) revenue projections
STR Analytics can evaluate the relationship between tax levels and hotel performance over the past decade to develop a formula to estimate HOT collections based on projected hotel performance for the market.

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