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Budgeting Tool Kit

Get all the tools you need to develop your hotel’s budget with the Budgeting Tool Kit. These reports cover every step of the budgeting process, from gauging historical performance to making predictions about the future. Purchase all four reports to receive a 20% discount on your total.

Trend Report
Get insight into the year ahead by looking at past performance for your property and your competitors.

Trend Reports provide a long-term historical perspective of hotel supply and demand for a selected group of hotels.

Custom HOST
Compare your revenues and expenses, department by department, to comparable hotels. Find out where you need to tighten up operations and where you are outperforming.

Each Custom HOST Report includes detailed rooms, food and beverage, marketing, utility costs, property and maintenance, administrative and general, as well as select fixed charges.

Market Pipeline
Prepare for new competition in your market and analyze how that will impact your operations.

Market Pipeline Reports detail full existing and pipeline supply for your selected Forecast Market (one time report).

Custom Forecast
Develop your budget with greater confidence with our guidance on future top line performance for your competitive set.

Custom Forecasts go beyond the statistics, employing hands-on analysis and taking into account new supply, major events and specific market dynamics.